Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Late

Just like last week, I will complete the writing prompt promised for Thursday tomorrow instead. I apologize. I have had a busy evening. When I got home from track practice, I met my friend Michele for dinner at Salsa Brava, and we had a great time catching up. I really enjoyed it, and we stayed longer than I assumed (and I didn't even check my watch to realize! Oops!) ...and now I sound like a grandma. It was only 8:30 when I left the restaurant, but old ladies need a lot of rest.

Then I remembered that Dan sent me an 8+ page paper about whether or not the War in Afghanistan is just or not... oh, and it is due at midnight. Gah. I just edited that for him. Usually I love reading his papers, but I am so tired and uninterested in the subject that I had to MAKE myself finish it. (Sorry Dan.)

Now it's after 10:00 (oh no!) and I NEED some sleep. I will complete writing prompts on Friday AND Saturday to make up for the lack of one today. Watch out, world; they're going to be good ones. I'll answer one challenge day and then write a post about a random memory from the past. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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