Sunday, April 22, 2012

Urban Beer Scavenger Hunt

Today, Dan and Aaron participated in a scavenger hunt all over downtown Colorado Springs. I tagged along as a sober driver and photographer, and we all had a blast together! They paid and signed up last week, and the clues came through text messages all afternoon. It was SO MUCH FUN, and I had a great time taking pictures of these two gentlemen. After the hunt was over, we went back to one of the bars to have some beer and appetizers, and while we were there, Dan asked Aaron to be his Best Man, and he said yes! I'm so excited, even though we both assumed he'd say yes. It's great to have it official! Now, we have a Maid of Honor (Megan) and a Best Man (Aaron). We just need to figure out the others. I think we have it pretty much planned out but need to ask the people soon. :)

I'll describe the clues and they are seen in the pictures below. I participated in some of them because they needed me, but most of them are just of the guys!

This picture was taken right before the hunt began.

This picture is at Jose Muldones. They had to toast the bar with the beers they got there. The clue gave two jumbled up words that I figured out for them, leading us to the Mexican restaurant / bar. 

This picture is supposed to spell out their favorite beer. Obviously, no one's favorite is really PBR, but it was short, and it needed to be spelled out on a sidewalk, so we scrounged around and came up with this set-up.

For this one, the team (and strangers) had to perform a field sobriety test with one leg in the air and their fingers on their noses. 

This one (and the next one) show the teammates pouring the beer into each others' mouths in a different bar. 

This one (and the previous one) show the teammates pouring the beer into each others' mouths in a different bar. 

This shows the game of leap frog we had to play. They needed me to be involved here.

This shows the game of leap frog we had to play. They needed me to be involved here.

Another clue told them to lock arms and drink their beer. This is their wedding pose! :)

They needed a picture of someone with a blue shirt! Luckily for them, I was wearing one! :)

In another bar, they had to propose to someone holding two drinks. 

After finding Cheetah Printing (from the clue that said it was a print shop named after a spotted feline who can run 70mph), the guys had to pose like animals!

At the home brew shop, they had to hold up a cardboard sign that said something. You can't read it, but it says: "Will work for beer!"

This one might be my favorite from all day! They had to drink their beer creatively without using their hands. We saw other people using straws, so I think this one wins! :)

At the Antique Store, they had to pose with their heels off the ground. I like this one a lot, too. 

The very last clue was to find the first stake driven into the city in 1871, and it was right across the street from Phantom Canyon Brewery! :) 

After that, we kept getting more clues about where to find the trophy. We walked even more and ended up at a park off of Corona (because the text clue said it was at a city park near a street named after a popular beer). We were in the wrong park (with a ton of other participants). There's another park off of Corona. Oops! Dan and Aaron didn't win any prizes, but it was a FANTASTIC day. We got lots of exercise (four to five miles total) and some nice sunburns. :) 

I made a little collage out of my favorite four pictures:

Well, it was a wonderful Sunday! I hope that carries over into the work week.

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