Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 11 of 30

I promised I would answer a writing prompt today, so here goes! It's day 11 of 30 in my 30 Day Blog Challenge. You can read more about the challenge by clicking here.

Today's Challenge: 11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

I put this one off the other night because I hate going to bed after thinking of things I dislike. It always leads to weird dreams. I knew that writing about this during the day would be much better.

1. Tapping. This one really includes any kind of obnoxious noise-making that sixth graders partake in. Also included: knocking, drumming, clicking your pen, smacking your gum, making fart noises, etc.

2. Bad drivers. See that weird looking lever near your steering wheel? Yeah, it's called a turn signal. Use it when turning, changing lanes, cutting people off on the interstate, etc.

3. Bad grammar. Really, it's not that difficult to use the proper your / you're or there / their / they're. If your age is in the double digits, you have no business writing for the public if you cannot master these simple tasks.

4. Germs. I guess it's not really the germs that bother me so much. I can't do anything about those. However, when someone grabs a Kleenex and procede to blow his/her nose right in front of me, it makes me mad. No, the Kleenex doesn't catch all of your germs. Yes, I am still less than a foot away. Take care of your business, but don't get me sick.

5. Excuses. Now, I am guilty of this one as well, but it really irritates me when my students (and people in general) do this, so I am working on it. If you did something, own up to it. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't blame someone else. No one opened your mouth, grabbed your vocal chords, and yanked them until you said what they wanted you to. YOU chose to say it. Now live up to the consequences.

6. Chewing. I'm talking about the obnoxiously loud people (like my brother) who make every weird sound known to man while eating something that should be silent and easy. I'll never understand it, though I do now know that he does it on purpose to get on my nerves.

7. Smoking. I'm not a fan of ANYTHING that can be smoked (for personal reasons), but cigarettes bother me the most for obvious reasons. They are LEGAL, and people smoke them in public around everyone else, even if those people hate the smell and don't want the disgusting side effects that come along with cigarette smoke. If you want to smoke, fine. Damage your own lungs. But please leave mine alone. I already have asthma and wheeze for hours after smelling cigarette smoke. Keep it in your own home, and don't blow it all over me at a sporting event.

8. Nonvoters. You know those people who LOVE to complain about politicians, yet they never voted in the first place? Yep, those are the people I'm talking about. If you don't make it out on election day, you have NO right to complain about anything.

9. Bad students. I'm not talking about the ones who don't understand things. I'm also not talking about the people who put all of their effort into their work and still don't do well. No, I am talking about the people who DON'T TRY. These people often think they're better than everyone else and that they don't need to do the same amount of work. It doesn't matter if the work won't affect your grade. Don't be lazy. You're not superior to anyone. I WILL lower your grade if you choose not to complete an assignment.

10. Belief-Pushers. You know those people who believe in something SO much (whether it's a religion or a personal belief)? I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT TO ME. Nothing pushes me away quicker. They make me want to run in the other direction -- fast! It's great when people stand for something, but when they are rude about it, I can't handle it. I hope I've never been that way.

Phew! It was exhausting thinking of all of those.

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