Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Crafts for My Mom's 50th

Since July is nearing an end, I decided I better post this while I still can. My mom turned 50 on July 7th, and I wanted to give her an amazing birthday present for it. Since we all know that teachers don't make much money, I decided to try my hand at making her something she would love even more than anything I could buy. But first, I had to give her a gag gift, right? After all, she did turn 50! I made both things, but the second gift, the one with the photos, is the meaningful one. Check them both out!

Gag Gift -- 49 Sucks, but 50 Rocks!

First, I bought glass bowls and painted on them: 49 sucks... but 50 ROCKS! 

Then, I put one of those weird foam flower things inside the "49" bowl...

I counted out 49 suckers...

... and stuck them in! :)

Doesn't it look cool? :)

Then, I filled the "50" bowl with 50 rocks...

... and the finished product! 49 SUCKS, but 50 ROCKS! 


Okay, so that was the FUN, silly gift, but here is the special one. I decided to collect several pictures of my brother, Derek, and me from when we were growing up. I made sure to have an equal amount of photos of JUST Derek, JUST me, and a good amount of us together. I made them square by putting them on Instagram (on an alternate account so no one had to be bored by these photos) and then ordering them through Snapfish. I made one a little bigger so it could go in the middle. The small photos are 2x2, and the one in the middle is 4x4.

I started with a 12x12 canvas and some printed pictures...

All finished! Yay!


That gift took so much time to make, but the supplies were really cheap. I did put two layers of matte Mod Podge on top to ensure that the photos won't fall off of the canvas. I think it turned out great for my first one, and I'm excited to make more like this! 


  1. These gifts really rock! What was your mom’s reaction when she saw them? I’m quite sure she loved all of it! But I consider the collection of photos the best give that you gave to your mom. Every picture in it is a good memory that’s worthy of being kept and cherished.

    Tucker Inman

  2. So sorry I just saw this comment! Oops! I moved my blog in January, and I NEVER check this one... but today I was curious to see if I had any comments, so I logged in.

    Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate it a lot. My mom LOVED the photo collage, and she got a big kick out of the suckers and rocks! :)