Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catching Up

Since I have been so focused on finishing the blog challenge, I feel like catching up this evening.

I have been going to new staff orientation for my new teaching job all week. It's been crazy waking up so early in the middle of the summer, but I'm getting a $2,500 stipend for attending this three week session. It did, however, interfere with my plans of traveling to London for a while to see Dan while he's there for OPS and meet my friend Lucy! Oh, and not to mention, I would have been able to see the Olympic festivities! Ugh. Silly jobs... who needs them anyway? (I'm just kidding...)

Dan made it safely to RAF Mildenhall (a British Air Force Base), where he will be for about two and a half weeks learning what life is like on an operational Air Force Base (as if he didn't already know -- but hey, free trip to England!)... and he's hoping to get an incentive ride in a C-130 (definitely not as cool as flying the F-16 last summer at Luke AFB, but it's what he wants to fly, so I hope he gets it!)

I glanced at my list of topics to write about to play "catch up" with my life, and I have two full pages of ideas ready to go. I will, of course, post pictures with each memory I write about, and if they get kind of jumbled, I apologize in advance.

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