Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Classroom Decorations: Book Quotations

Earlier this week, I was inspired to create something I'd been wanting to for a few months. At the beginning of the summer, I gathered 16 quotes about reading/books that I really like, and I knew I wanted to have them hanging in my classroom this year to inspire my kiddos.

Long story short: I tried to paint them myself on scrapbooking paper, and it turned out to be a disaster. I normally am really great with crafty things like that, but they were AWFUL, and instead of using them anyway, I decided to let Photoshop do the work for me. I typed in the quotes in a big, bold font (Century Gothic) and then put the author's name in a different, fancier font below (Pea Heather Michelle -- weird name, I know).

I decided to use four different background colors since there are 16 quotes, so I have four in each color. That way, there are not too many different colors going on around the room.

I ordered these prints from Office Max for 49 cents each, but when I got there, they gave me 25% off with my teacher ID. This project was a STEAL! I ordered document frames from that came in packs of six (so I now have two left over to use later), and they have real glass frames. I am happy with them, and they arrived on my doorstep in just two days with standard shipping. Overall, I did end up spending about $25 on this project, but these will last forever. I can hang these quotes up year after year, and if I get tired of them, I can print new ones for very cheap and change them out.

And now the pictures! You probably can't read the quotes in the first three pictures, but I wanted to show them all off at once. The last two have close ups of the quotations! :)

Okay, I lied. I decided to post individual pictures of each quote just because I like them so much. They really are just SO pretty. 

These were so simple to make, and the colors are so vibrant! Thanks, Office Max. :) 

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