Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Since Dan will be in England later this month on my birthday, he surprised me this evening with a fancy dinner out at the Mona Lisa Fondue restaurant in Manitou Springs. We had been there once before and enjoyed it, and this time was the same. We ordered a different type of fondue and also had entrees this time, and everything was delicious. Oh, and the wine was great too!

Afterward, we were SO FULL that we couldn't even make it to the fourth course of chocolate fondue. Bummer. HOWEVER, we found a fun ice cream shop just a mile and a half from my new place, so we tried it out. It was WONDERFUL. The menu was weird, and I had a toasted coconut ice cream cone! DELICIOUS.

I will write more tomorrow!


  1. What's the ice cream place? Sounds yummy!

  2. It's called BJ's Velvet Freez! :) It's on Union close to Platte, and it's a dinky little drive in type place, but it is SO SO SO good! :)