Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blast From the Past: Winter Break 2009

Go all the way back to the winter of 2009. I was a senior in college completing my last semester of classes. After winter break, I would begin student teaching, and then I would be completely finished with school. Dan was completing his first year at the United States Air Force Academy at the Preparatory School, and he was planning on visiting his family in Oregon (near Portland) for Christmas. I had never met them, but he invited me to join him and get to know his family.

We packed a lot into two weeks, and I saw a LOT of Portland. We also took a trip to Seattle while we were there, as I had never been before. We had a lot of fun spending so much time with each other, and it was great getting to meet Dan's mom, aunt, and uncle.

Instead of explaining everything, I'm going to let the pictures tell the story. I will caption them with what we were doing at the time. :)

We went and chopped down a real Christmas tree... that was an interesting experience, but I will probably never have a real one again. They make me a sneeze. A lot.

Goofing around at the house...

We saw Mt. Hood. It was gorgeous!

Multnomah Falls was really pretty, but it was SO COLD there! 

We found this at Multnomah Falls and couldn't resist a picture! 

Isn't it GORGEOUS? :)

Of course we had to pose in front of it.. :) 

Chilling at the house one night...

We went to Downtown Portland and found a natural amphitheater. It was really cool because everything echoed! 

Yep, it was fun posing with all the weird stuff there!

I don't even know what to say.

Taken in Downtown Portland :)

Dan took me to the most amazing vegetarian restaurant EVER! It's all Chinese food with NO MEAT, but they have the most realistic mock meats, and I got to thoroughly enjoy some "beef" and broccoli! :) 

The sign on their door :) 

We went to Starbucks, and Dan told them my name was Cupcake... so they called it out when our drinks were ready! :) 

From VooDoo Donuts! 

From VooDoo Donuts!

We drove to the Oregon Coast, and it was so cold, windy, and rainy (so don't mind our faces), but it still felt neat being in an ocean in December.

From the Oregon Coast...

We took this picture on the lightrail train thing on the way to see Beauty and the Beast live.. it was SO GREAT! :)

We drove up to Seattle for New Year's Eve :)

And of course we spent HOURS at the Museum of Flight. It was actually really cool!

Inside the museum

I made Dan pose in front of the planes!

He's posing with his dream woman, Amelia Earhart! 

Giving her a little kiss! Aww! haha

He wanted to kill me after posing him for this picture! :)

Look, everyone! I'm a pilot too! ;) 

That night (New Year's Eve), we saw CAKE in concert. It was really cool ringing in the new year in a different type of place! Balloons were everywhere! 

On New Year's Day, we visited the Space Needle...

And took a picture all the way from the top! (I really wasn't impressed at all. My whole life I had pictured it being huge. It was a pretty big let down seeing how small it really is...)

Afterward, we had time to kill, so we went to a science museum, and that was a BLAST! 

The giant tables were so funny...

And last but not least, we visited the ORIGINAL Starbucks in Seattle. It was neat to grab a coffee from there and then chill in the biggest bookstore I have ever seen. (And did I mention that I had to fit all the new books I bought into my luggage? Oops!)

Well, this post closes out 2009. I still have a long way to go before I am all caught up, but I am making progress! :)

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