Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up... With FaceTime!

Well, since I forgot to post yesterday (forgive me; my family was in town, AND it was my birthday!), I am writing a second post for this evening.

My mom and brother left today, and I went back to work early this morning (while they were still asleep). I made it though my first day teaching summer school, and I got to FaceTim with Dan when I got home! He is in England, and the time difference is AWKWARD, so it's tough to talk during the week. The time difference in China was much more, but it was easier to talk because we were actually awake at the same time.

We had a blast talking this afternoon! (Well, it was after 11pm for him... oops!)

Gilligan had a BIG yawn today, and it was so cute... I'm glad I captured it! :) 

I will write a "Blast From the Past" post tomorrow! :)

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